Saturday, 28 April 2007

Who is I?

Briefly, without humor, avoiding boring sentiments, evading long explanations, skimming past history;

Above, and behind the semicolons are the ways in which I think that 1 in over 6 billion can answer the question of "who am I?"

Despite what I've said above, and behind the closing quotation mark, I have already waffled two sentences long - expect waffling. To me thoughts are a waffle, and blog is a place for thoughts. Most prevailing thoughts for some time since starting my online business have been - Where Google Went Wrong, Some More of Google's Greatest Mistakes, and Who Is This Google Person Anyway?

For those reading this, I am sure you agree that I have answered the question of "who is I" to the fullest and in keeping to what was far above and behind the semicolon. Let's come to face of a certain fact - in the world where you are reading this, all that you are interested in is what I write, and for all you know, or indeed for all you care - I can be anyone, or indeed pretending to be anyone. So lets concentrate on what's important in the online world, and it is not the real I.


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