Tuesday, 1 May 2007

Where Google Went Wrong?

Where Google Went Wrong? Are you thinking – did it go wrong at all?

Let’s first take a step back and think – there must be a reason why google is undoubtedly the most popular search engine. The reason is quite simple – before doing something wrong, they did something right. Can you remember when you started to use google, why you started to use it? Have you ever looked back, are you looking back now?

The reason for the above paragraph is to have a ready made response to the possible criticism of this post. A criticism where it could be said that I am putting down a resource, which is clearly number 1, and it reached that status by doing something right. There you have it - I acknowledge that Google must have done something right, and without exploring the subject any further, let’s leave it at that.

N.B. Right time, right place, and the right left-wing non-profit promise – could that feed the masses?

Let’s leave the “right” behind us, as the keyword in this post is “wrong”. Google went wrong in a way not dissimilar from anyone else who starts with bright ideas and with good intentions. These good intentions later develop into a company mission - “do no evil”, but unfortunately that later stage is when the mission is just a broken vision, and a lie. Missions are usually created when it becomes harder to judge the true intentions, when you begin to doubt. That is when missions are born, and all they represent is the past legacy and the birth of advertising through wonderfully sounding missions, and sentiments.

Google’s creation of Adsense and Adwords finally provided the answer to their monetization needs. Having had the inspiration, and having to no longer worry about monetizing, Google relentlessly pursued their new idea, and principles were dropping off every step of the way, with every dollar earned.

Having set the scene, the next article will focus on Adsense vs Black Hat, as it seems the only difference is – who makes the money?


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